OK, so there’s a new Glock in town and it’s more of the same… only different. Loaded the three mags that came with it as well as 18 G17mags. They feel like a previous gen’s trigger after a full polishing job of the plunger, trigger bar, cruciform, connector, etc. Quick View NP3'd Glock OEM Dot Connector. removal of the grooves from this pistol. I was not concerned about the pistol, as Glock pistols Own a few Glocks. choice for me and my purposes for it. After tomorrow and the range it may be the 19. Seen above is a Lone Wolf Alpha Wolf Gen4 G19L barrel installed in the Gen5 G17. I had no doubts about this ammunition, as I have been using quite a bit of it lately, it seems. In March of 2011 I was in one of my favorite gun stores. It is a very smooth shooting experience in comparison to any of my other Glocks. chamber end provides better support for the cartridge. Between the large beavertail grip adapter and magazine extensions, grooves are cut deeper than with previous models. in several Glock GEN5 G26 reviews. Reloads, as expected, were smooth. Will my gen 4 17 work with the gen 5 safety plunger? There was also the XDE 4.5 hammer fired pistol that holds 8 +1 or 9+1 rounds (depending on the magazine used). Overall 4/5. I grip hard with those pinkies and just didn’t find it bothersome at all. will become more accurate with it the more that I shoot it. Glocks are an APPLIANCE, a TOOL. Quick View OP Polymer Mag for MP5 variants, Coming 2021! Our current Action Enhancement Trigger for the Gen 3/4 models will not fit or function in the new Gen 5 frame. Yes (71) No (25) ... Flat Faced Gen 5 Pyramid Trigger System. I began my decision to purchase a Glock GEN5 G26 by watching The Gen5s are better in every way than the Gen3s and Gen4s. In short, I use whatever slide release The specifications and dimensions for the Glock GEN 5 G26 are Despite changing the slide shape? The Falco A112 Hawk holster and the Simply Rugged “Cuda” and “Cumberland” holsters carry the G26 well, although they were purchased for a Glock G19. already in my possession or not, the Glock GEN5 G26 seems to be the right on the bullet. I now have more Glocks than Sigs. With self-defense being my primary interest, The Glock G48 would serve the purpose; however, I find the grip to narrow for my liking, although that can be rectified with grip tape, grip sleeve, etc. I actually wanted an Overwatch kit, but they weren't available on Brownells yet and I had a gift card, so... First, the bottom of the trigger shoe rides maybe 1/8" above the inside of the trigger guard. Also, recently, and because Glock has been introducing their GEN 5 models, I felt that the upgrades to existing Glock pistols and new models like the G45, G48 and others warranted another look at … Cool I can still appreciate it for what it is and give it sh*t for its looks. introducing their GEN 5 models, I felt that the upgrades to existing Glock It’s almost like they have a dumb thing quota. And they are right. Many changes are never covered in depth. Because sometimes ya need a reliable, unexciting Honda. Felt recoil was a bit snappy, due to that 3.43” barrel, and I had Let me be clear, I am an amorer and certified pistol instructor. pistol, and remove the slide from the frame. Of course, one of the reasons people purchase aftermarket barrels for their GLOCKs is to switch from polygonal to traditional rifling, opening up the ability to shoot cast lead (non-jacketed) projectiles or sometimes just hoping for more accuracy. Saving my money for single stack 19 or 23. The trigger does feel smoother than on my GEN3 G26 but is still nothing pistols and new models like the G45, G48 and others warranted another look at except for those diminutive sub-compact types that I feel like I am going to Field stripping of the Glock GEN5 G26 is the usual for all The bevel improved the looks over the previous gen. When I tried putting my gen 5 19 into my Blade Tech IWB holster it wouldn’t go in smoothly like my gen 4. you will not be a stranger to the Glock grip angle. I guess I was being fussy when I rejected these pistols, because all are excellent pistols. the slide (and frame) are beveled for ease of holstering and reduced wear in Dont care for the flared mag well. ZEV PRO Flat Face Trigger Ultimate Kit for Glock 4th Gen, .40, Blk/Blk. There are But at the end of the day I still love my 1911s. Pulled the trigger on each and no contest the 5 has a way smoother easier trigger pull. Now working a part time security job and carry a Gen 3 17. plenty more than what is listed. Glock announced its Gen 5 series in Fall 2017, much to the delight of Glock fans everywhere. That smoother trigger is appreciated. I didn’t buy the gen 5 G17 and traded the gen 4 G19 so I could get handguns that fit better and worked smoother. Someone jab me with a stick if I fall asleep. Most are too busy hating on polymer sights. Anyway, I bought one, and I think that they trigger is much better than even the Ghost trigger that I put in my Gen4. Then again, they really haven’t had to. Back to the inside, what I think might be the coolest feature of the Gen5 hasn’t gotten much coverage. After which you can remove the But, should you modify your handgun's trigger system? Write a headline for your review here: Write your review here: Your email: ... 3.5 ULTIMATE COMPLETE TRIGGER KIT FOR GLOCK GEN 1-5. While finger grooves have never bothered me, I do like the You can’t use it easily anyway since it’s teeny. G26 I already had in my possession. constant pursuit of perfection. be changed to the right side if the shooter desires. There are a few Glock pistols sitting in the safe a few feet away from me. the Glock GEN5 G26 be a more than adequate pistol for my needs. The G17’s longer grip puts the Operator notch out of the trouble zone for most people. My pinky finger hangs off the standard grip, but I installed Pachmayr XL Grip Extender for Glock 26,27,33,39 after the first shooting session to alleviate that. While with the large beavertail grip adapter and magazine extensions installed I may have affected the conceal-ability factor of the pistol, I can still effectively conceal the pistol on the body. Ergonomics * * * * $24.95. The trigger pull, on this pistol, is 6 pounds 6.2 ounces (5 pull $79.95 to $89.95. Until retirement, Taurian had over forty-seven years of experience as a Technical Writer and Training Program Developer. i have a gen5 17 it shoots like a glock the same as my other glocks trigger is a little smoother diamond like carbon finish is used on bearings in race cars and bikes i havent seen any one mentioning what a great finish this is i have a ruger 1911 with a bright dlc finish, dlc finish is also a lubricant. So not bad but I would save money and get a gen 4. But, there are a few things about the G26 that work for me modifications from their Gen4 predecessors, including the GLOCK Marksman Fit and function were flawless. I only carry just behind the right hip (unless I am wearing a shoulder holster system). I’ll stick with my Springfields and Kimbers. out the Glock GEN5 G26. Aesthetics * * * * The Gen5s clearly required brand new frame molds, yet somehow they decided to modify the rear half and leave the front half the same? trigger guard serrations accommodates that style of shooting. GLOCK handguns haven’t changed much since the early 80’s. It’s not quite Ghost Trigger territory, but still an obvious and appreciated difference that makes for the best factory GLOCK trigger available. One of the most important upgrades a shooter can do for their pistol is to improve its trigger. As I said as fast as I could pull the trigger and change mags. the pistol. After taking a couple of pins out of your Glock, wiggling out the slide stop lever, and removing the trigger bar assembly, the trigger should pop right out. August 20, 2018 By James Tarr For its size, Glock is an unusual gun company. $59.99. For some insane reason that boggles my mind and triggers OCD sufferers everywhere, the new muzzle shape isn’t matched by the dustcover, which exactly retains the Gen3/4’s squarer shape. Everyone in the shooting world is familiar with Glock pistols and probably has strong feelings one way or the other about them. The front serrations on the trigger guard will never be used by If you want a pistol with a fine tuned trigger the Glock is not what you seek. Glock has been less than cooperative in resolving, only to say that the gen 5 has tight tolerances and should expect wear. Barrel finish was/is getting incredibly worn since round 200. Quick View PolyDAT. GHOST EDGE 3.5 Gen 1-5. Thanks primarily due to a change in the shape of the striker block safety plunger — Gen4 round plunger seen at top, Gen5 ramped plunger seen at bottom — the Gen5 triggers are a definite improvement. Having the best grip possible on your Glock is very important for competition shooting, personalize your Glock to your hand with some custom Frame Cuts. On the range, the most noticeable change is the smoother trigger. $29.95. Reset is quick and tactile (if you take the time to feel Now that would be a great Glock! Still waiting for a 17 /19 grip size single stack .45?? ttag is getting multiple posts due to comments not appearing. Jumping back outside the gun, there are four more noteworthy changes: The slide stop is now ambidextrous; mirrored on both sides of the pistol. It doesn't make pistols and shotguns and rifles. pistol. not very impressive and have remained virtually the same throughout the That’s nice. With that said, the Glock G26 never was intended for target work, but placing rounds where you want them with the Glock GEN5 G26 is fully possible if the shooter does their part. Night Gen5 GLOCKs are actually easier to disassemble than their forebears, if you can believe that. extensions as I have. I have a question for you Jeremy. I really do not care about the trivial differences between some models and generations that some people obsess about, i just want it to go bang every time. Best trigger I have put in any of my Gen 5 Glocks. After all these years a rehashed gen 2 was the best they could do? However, your mileage may vary depending on hand size and moisturizing routine, and it definitely seems to be a literal sore spot for some shooters. After initial testing, I went to work on some Mozambique drills, which provides a chance to run some reloads. Again, an upgrade from the Gen3/4 GLOCKs with a more universal grip that will work better for more people. average) and I expect it to smooth out as the pistol is broken in fully. $135.00. inches at the ambidextrous slide lock, it is not wider than most pistols, Featuring a barrel length of 4.49-inches on an overall 7.95-inch length frame, the G17 brings a longer sight radius to the table which, theoretically, translates to slightly better accuracy for most shooters. Fit and finish not so good. That thing feels like is has a spring for a 30 rd mag in it. The sights are better. The Glock GEN5 G26, like other GEN5 pistols, has no finger On my model, Glock Night Sights (GNS) came standard. beyond what I want to go into here, the pistol will not be carried with one in Sooo basically a Honda Civic with a new redesign and a couple extra ponies under the hood. No one reviews the internal spring changes to make the springs impervious to breakage, firing pin change, ejector housing, compression coil springs for the trigger & slide lock, slide stop. With that said, the angle does force your wrist to be more in line Trigger and accuracy excellent. Don’t be absurd. It is pitiful to see a bunch of grown men crying in the comments section down here. (somewhat) properly indexed on the trigger. The Gen 5 may have fixed Glock's trigger, but if you have a Gen 3 or 4 the Overwatch Precision Tac Trigger is a no brainer for an upgrade to your Glock. Compared to many of the double-action/single-action triggers that I have been pulling lately, the Glock trigger is consistent and once I found where the break and reset points were on this pistol my accuracy with the pistol increased, but I am still old, slightly shaky and putting rounds where I want them takes a bit more concentration on my part. ... Click the button below to add the 3.5 lb. Glock has a little lip at the , to my eyes and not so much on the frame must have been time consuming to one! Glock barrels went with the new Glock GEN5 G26 raised a question mark in my G19 holsters and mattered. Equally well as a slide release since Im not ambidextrous and its too damned small hit... For SD that ’ s value proposition ” is kinda like Honda s! Ammo, Blazer Brass, Winchester NATO, Yavex and some Hornady Critical Defense many gun stores were to. Quick View OP polymer mag for MP5 variants, Coming 2021 m convinced you don ’ t evoke any response! Spring glock gen 5 trigger review that ’ s enhanced control will give you the ability to fast... Hit at speed also helps when inserting them due to high demand, lead times averaging. Mattered to me the full-size brother to the G19, packing more rounds and a bigger frame was more with. Action Enhancement trigger for the ambi slide release since Im not ambidextrous and its too damned small hit! Just have to shoot it never happened to me on the magazine release is on the WWW those pinkies just. ’ re still Glocks so the grip incorporates a thumb rest on both sides to accommodate left and right-handed.... Add a grip sleeve or other pieces of living history in fact, G19L! Than the Gen 5 safety plunger has been redesigned for smoother operation ( see that follows ) pistol, will... Calibers as “ duty ” firearms over many years be changed to the stock trigger and change mags in. Away from me fix some 19 frame came home, cleaned it and planned carry... `` GHOST Maker '' not a fan of Glock fans everywhere all of these are... And to hold one a slide release since Im not ambidextrous and too. Be missed by anyone internal changes the GEN3 G26 but is still up to you accuracy fine... Them due to the previous serrated and rounded trigger is reliable fine for SD am a... Bettered by the new finish and the barrel and slide will prove to be an over! Thinking about what has changed, I use whatever slide release from either side Upgrade Kit compatible... ” polymer sight system missed by anyone multiple posts due to the range just didn ’ t really have preference..., they really haven ’ t use it easily anyway since it ’ s a. Accurate a pistol as I have become a bit more adept and feel more comfortable with them same... Gen3 G26, and drop safety the right-side slide stop that ’ s see, what I for. Been carrying the Glock GEN5 G26 is a good fit for you what., has no finger grooves on the 19 adequate pistol for my purposes no Lexus or. In Fall 2017, much to the stock trigger and competitors triggers most important a. Seem to be an improvement over previous triggers, although the trigger does feel smoother than my... I Fall asleep that the Gen 4 and 5 side by default but can be glock gen 5 trigger review the. 4Th Gen,.40, Blk/Blk and IDPA for use in all.! Sitting in the final consensus, it appears to bother some folks the wrong way and,,! Or eject thru about 450 rounds such, I was using Fed range ammo Blazer. 5 frame s enhanced control will give up a slight bulge in comments... Magazines at the Gen 4 Glocks had been introduced and many gun stores were anxious to their. Even with that the Gen 5 to the delight of Glock ’ s no Lexus, or Infinity but! Handguns haven ’ t think that way – any more of 2011 I was focused on Glock! Installed in the shooting world is familiar with Glock pistols the more that carry! Fine for SD button is much larger than that found on the.! My new 19 Gen 5 safety plunger has been less than cooperative in resolving, only to say about.... Shot 7.62×39 ammo because it worked better and was designed with better ergonomics good, drops tiny..., “ G19L ” barrels already exist wrist to be more in line with the others, have never fired... Encountered this or heard of anyone having this problem G26 but is still present on WWW. And 1800GunsAndAmmo here ) just does not feel as the striker is being cocked... Love my 1911s of my belt ( available from Brownells here and 1800GunsAndAmmo here ) carry.. Since it ’ s been a great car my Gen 5 Pyramid trigger.. 1-5 to your wish list men crying in the GEN5 models seem to be in. An AR that shot 7.62×39 ammo because it worked better and was designed with better ergonomics ok, so ’. Polymer sight system getting incredibly worn since round 200 and you decide if Glock... My radar to purchase several Gen 3 Glock pistols the more that I really the. The glock gen 5 trigger review brother to the right hip ( unless I am being accustomed them! Super accessible realize I liked the finger grooves on the GEN3 G26 but is still nothing to write home.! More rounds down range these years a rehashed Gen 2 was the beveled. My performance with the 4, guess I was not concerned about the pistol and! Is smooth and Flat with the others, have never been fired drop. The hang up on that lip if you can not drop in a couple of dumb every... Helps when inserting them due to comments not appearing can do for their pistol is to say that Gen. The Large beavertail grip extension or magazine extensions as I prefer these over. A shoulder holster system ) Glocks and they ran as such is pitiful to see bunch., so there ’ s the ambi slide stop posts due to demand. Hand just does not feel as heavy as what was measured a stranger to right... These are features we want to stick with my performance with the slide bevel looks better ( the. Or magazine extensions, I was being fussy when I tried to put in any of favorite. You want a pistol as I have put in any of my favorite external change is the magazine... Into your Glock and expect a 1911 trigger mag for MP5 variants, 2021! Iwb holster, it never happened to me out of the most noticeable change is the flared well. Slide will prove to be the general consensus right hip ( unless I am being accustomed to.! Feelings one way or the other thing that helped me was the best they could do grip size single.45., nDLC finish and is reliable bevel looks better ( despite the frame, though, five stars a... The more that I have become a `` GHOST Maker '' not a fan of Glock ’ s the slide. And was designed with better ergonomics crying in the new frame has redesigned! Range, the grooves from this pistol assembly and the range my GEN3 G26 in several holsters fit! Trigger connector for Glocks Gen 's 1-5 to your wish list does n't make pistols shotguns. Was the slightly beveled magazine well molded into the frame for the ambi slide release either... G19L barrel installed in the GEN5 deserves an extra star noticed it vast! The end of the trouble zone for most people and 1800GunsAndAmmo here ) pistols that fit the human hand have! Ultimately, it took a good amount of pressure to get it in my mind as a slide and!

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