The land of Anantha is also known as the city of 70 hills. The coast located in the shadow zone with respect to the direction of propagation of the tsunami encountered unexpected devastation. Banasura Sagar Dam – Asia’s second largest & India’s largest earth dam. These scarp faces are characterised by thin soil (regolith) cover modified heavily by anthropogenic activity. In contrast, eastern districts of Uttar Pradesh remained dry and sunny. Also Kerala’s deive in beach – Muzhuppilangaad is situated in Thalassery. Kudumbasree was also started in the district of Malappuram, and was inaugurated by Atal Bihari Vajpayee in 1998 with the aim of completely eradication of poverty of the state within a short time span of 10 years. Further, the tsunami pounded 187 villages affecting nearly 250,000 persons in Kerala. As a result, Kerala averages some 120–140 rainy days per year. The most densely populated district of Kerala, it also includes maximum statues of the state. Parts of Kerala's lowlands may average only 1250 mm annually while the cool mountainous eastern highlands of Idukki district – comprising Kerala's wettest region – receive in excess of 5,000 mm of orographic precipitation (4,200 crore of which are available for human use) annually. Padmanabha Swamy temple – World’s richest temple. Wyanad – The single district of Kerala to share border with two states – Tamil Nadu & Karnataka, it was formed as the 12th district of Kerala in year 1980. Hope you enjoy my writings. It was initially used in a small local area of Kollam, and gradually spread across Kerala and accepted by all. In the lowest lands, the midlands region hosts paddy fields; meanwhile, elevated lands slopes play host to groves of rubber and fruit trees in addition to other crops such as black pepper, tapioca, and others. I belong to one of the beautiful places of the world, Kerala, nicknamed as 'God's own country'. Kannur can be geographically divided into highland, midland and lowland regions. This adversely affects the rural and urban drinking water supply. Finally, Kerala's coastal belt is relatively flat, teeming with paddy fields, groves of coconut trees, and heavily crisscrossed by a network of interconnected canals and rivers. It is also the land of lakes and backwaters, and a major tourist hub as well. The basic unit is called ‘Ayalkoottam’. The flood problems are likely to worsen with the continued floodplain occupancy and reclamation of water bodies and wetlands. As it resembles the head of an elephant, it is given this name. Although the deviation in the annual rainfall received in Kerala, in any year from the long term average is very small, there is considerable variation in the rainfall availability during the different seasons. In summer, most of Kerala is prone to gale-force winds, storm surges, and torrential downpours accompanying dangerous cyclones coming in off the Indian Ocean. Undergraduate and Masters level education is offered in the Universities of Kerala. Functionally the district administration is carried on through the various Departments of the State Government each of which has an office of it… The latest among them was the 2019 Kerala floods. Idukki – This place was first officially recorded in the survey conducted by Douglas Hamilton. The only police museum of the state is located in Kollam, and it’s named after Sardar Vallabhai Patel. 8. Other factors include wrong landuse practices and mismanagement of the water resources and forests. Kerala and its Districts The Indian state of Kerala borders with the states of Tamil Nadu on the south and east, Karnataka on the north and the Arabian Sea coastline on the west. Irikkur, Pa… Here, rolling hills and shallow valleys fill a gentler landscape than the highlands. Most of the districts in Kerala has the same name as the important town or city in the district. Thrissur – Also known as ‘the cultural capital of Kerala’, some of the famous temples like Guruvayur Krishna temple and Vadakkumnatha temple are located here. As this tsunami is believed to be first of its kind to have significantly affected the Kerala coast, the post-tsunami field investigations and measurements would give valuable information on various changes brought by the tsunami. The topography consists of a hot and wet coastal plain gradually rising in elevation to the high hills and mountains of the Western Ghats. Asia’s largest naval academy – Ezhimala Naval Academy is located here. Jose AI, Paulose S, Prameela P & Bonny BP (eds), 2002, Package of Practices Recommendations: Crops, Kerala Agricultural University, Chacko T & Renuka G, 2002, Temperature mapping, thermal diffusivity and subsoil heat flux at Kariavattom of Kerala, Proc Indian Acad Sci (Earth Planet Sci), Yesodharan EP, Kokkal K & Harinarayanan P (eds), 2007, State of Environment Report of Kerala 2007 – Volume II: Natural Hazards, Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment, Government of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram, India, Kuriakose SL, Sankar G & Muraleedharan C, 2009a, History of landslide susceptibility and a chorology of landslide prone areas in the Western Ghats of Kerala, India, Environmental Geology, 57(7), 1153–1568, Kuriakose SL, Jetten VG, van Westen CJ, Sankar G & van Beek LPH, 2008, Pore Water Pressure as a Trigger of Shallow Landslides in the Western Ghats of Kerala, India: Some Preliminary Observations from an Experimental Catchment, Physical Geography 29(4) 374–386. [4], Kerala is a place of high lightning incidence compared to most of the other parts in India because of its weather patterns and the location of the Western Ghats. High rainfall in eastern districts The southwest monsoon cut a widening swathe of destruction across Kerala with heavy rain pounding the eastern parts of the State since Wednesday night. Kerala’s single Malayalam university – Thunjath Ezhuthacchan Malayalam University is situated in Thirur of Malappuram. Sabarimala – Temple with highest number of visitors among seasonal pilgrim places of Kerala. Onmanorama. The characteristic pattern of this phenomenon is the swift and sudden downslope movement of highly water saturated overburden containing a varied assemblage of debris material ranging in size from soil particles to boulders, destroying and carrying with it every thing that is lying in its path. In those days, Vadakkunnatha Siva temple was also surrounded by dense forests. At the time of formation, Kerala had only five districts: Malabar (part of the erstwhile Madras State ), Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Kottayam and Thrissur (together constituting the erstwhile Travancore-Cochin ). Kottayam districts (as seen in the weather led disaster that occurred in 2018).The western flank of the Western Ghats covering the eastern part of Kerala is one of the major landslide prone areas of the country. Thiruvananthapuram – Let us begin with the capital city, the land of famous Padmanabha Swamy temple, the richest Hindu temple of the world. With heavy rain lashing the district for over 20 hours continuously, many parts of Ernakulam have been flooded. The rivers flow faster, owing to the hilly terrain and as the short distance between the Western Ghats and the sea. Kerala's rains are mostly the result of seasonal monsoons. The Western Ghats rises on average to 1500 m elevation above sea level. RDX Unplugged – R. D. Burman’s Top 100 Chartbuster Bollywood Hits for You, Interior Special – 100+ Excellent Storage Solutions For Your Home, O. P. Nayyar Vs Lata Mangeshkar – The story of a musical cold war, Sajid Khan – Child artist of ‘Mother India’ and ‘Maya’ fame. Anamudi, also known as ‘Everest of South India’ is located here. This varying effect along the coast could be attributed to local amplification of tsunami waves in certain regions. The increase in population and subsequent expansion in irrigated agriculture, and industrial growth necessitated the exploitation of more water resources. It came into existence in 1984 May 24. The wildest lands are covered with dense forests, while other regions lie under tea and coffee plantations (established mainly in the 19th and 20th centuries) or other forms of cultivation. info)) is a state on the southwestern Malabar Coast of India.It was formed on 1 November 1956, following the passage of the States Reorganisation Act, by combining Malayalam-speaking regions of the erstwhile states of Travancore-Cochin and Madras.. Research in Geography is carried out in a variety of organizations like Department of Geography, University College, National Centre for Earth Sciences Studies, Kannur University etc. This page was last edited on 23 December 2020, at 21:01. Severe drought conditions often result from the anomalies in monsoon rainfall combined with the various anthropogenic pressures. Idukki also tops in topographic isolation among all places of India. A review of ancient documents, investigation reports and news paper reports indicates a lesser rate of slope instability in the past; 29 major landslide events that occurred in the recent past was identified through the review. Required fields are marked *. 1. [7] The initiation of most of the landslides were in typical hollows generally having degraded natural vegetation. For a first time visitor, the districts that matters the most are Eranakulam, Idukki and Alappuzha. 4. The name was originally derived from ‘Wayal Nadu’ which means ‘Land of Paddy’. Central teams deployed to visit the affected states in Kerala, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh for monitoring and for epidemiological investigation have reached their destinations, the DAH&D said. The Ghats are a steep rugged mass with an average height of 1,220 m rising to 2,637 m at the highest point - Dodabetta near Ooty. The Chera kingdom consisted of a major part of modern Kerala and Kongunadu which comprises western districts of modern Tamil Nadu like Coimbatore and Salem. Kasaragod is also known as ‘God’s own country’. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Vadakkunnatha Siva temple – Included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Also these districts show a higher density of population. Coffee,rubber, tea, cardamom and other spices are the major plantation of the district. Kerala’s first amusement park, Fantasy Park was established here. The human interventions contributing to flood problems are predominantly in the form of reclamation of wetlands and water bodies, change in landuse pattern, construction of dense networks of roads, establishment of more and more settlements, deforestation in the upper catchments etc. Kerala's average maximum daily temperature is around 37 Â°C; the minimum is 19.8 Â°C. Also known as “Rice Bowl of Kerala”, Palakkad is one among the districts with large amount of cultivation of different agricultural products. Lack of awareness also aggravates the situation. The Western Ghats is also responsible for the high and steady rainfall in Kerala. More than 2000 temples are located here. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. It is estimated that about 26% of the total geographical area accommodating about 18% of the total population of the State is prone to floods. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. A district is governed by a District Collector, who is an officer from Indian Administrative Service (IAS) of Kerala cadre and is appointed by the State Government of Kerala. The rivers of Kerala are small, in terms of length, breadth and water discharge. Thiruvananthapuram – Let us begin with the capital city, the land of famous Padmanabha Swamy temple, the richest Hindu temple of the world. It converts 50% of Kerala into highlands and is studded with more than 50 peaks above 5000 feet above Mean Sea Level. Accidents caused by ground conduction from trees, which is a special feature of Kerala, add to the casualties and loss of property. It’s the highest peak of south India. In 1934 Thekkumkadu Maidan was officially handed over to Cochin Devaswam Board by Diwan Paruvakkadu Narayanan Nair. Alappuzha – The most beautiful district of Kerala, with greenery and backwaters, it is one of the best tourist locations of the country. Here, the Western Ghats form a wall of mountains penetrated near Palakkad; here, a natural mountain pass known as the Palakkad Gap breaks through to access inner India. Major lakes of Kerala include: The Western Ghats is a continuous mountain range of 450 km along the eastern side of Kerala. Kannur – In the ancient Greek work – ‘Periplus of the Erythraean Sea’ written in 1st AD, it’s mentioned about Kannur as ‘Naura’. Some 63% of tribals reside in the eastern districts of Wayanad (where 35.82% are tribals), Palakkad (1.02%), and Idukki (15.66%). As per latest India Meteorological Department (IMD) update, the cyclone's path has further moved to northward and four southern Kerala districts.Cyclone Burevi. Kottayam – One of the major centres of literature, Kottayam is nicknamed as Akshara Nagari or Land of Letters. The state of Kerala, in southern India, has 14 revenue districts. They are called 'Urul Pottall' in the local vernacular. On 1 January 1957, the Malabar district was divided into the … The Western Ghats, bordering the eastern boundary of the State, form an almost continuous mountain wall, except near Palakkad where there is a natural mountain pass known as the Palakkad Gap. With the implementation of a number of irrigation projects, the idea of drought in Kerala slowly shifted to unirrigated paddy, and upland crops. You also may want to know about Kottayam since you may touch there en route to other destinations. A study on the incidence of droughts based on the aridity index shows that during the period 1871– 2000, the State of Kerala experienced 66 drought years, out of which, twelve each were moderate and severe droughts. Kerala is a state tucked away in the southwest corner of India. The State of Kerala experiences seasonal drought conditions every year during the summer months. It is also known as Chuvarchithra Nagari which literally means ‘City of Murals. Nearly 2.5 lakh candidates, more than half of them rebels and non-serious candidates, will be vying to get elected to 395 local bodies in the five south and south-eastern districts of Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Pathanamthitta, Alappuzha and Idukki. During older days, houseboats were constructed using Aini (Aanjil tree) and tied using ropes. The changes in the land and water management practices affected the fresh water availability during summer months. People speak Hindustani, Tulu, Urdu, Kannada, Konkani and Byari, thus giving a mix up of cultures. There are 44 rivers in Kerala, all but three originating in the Western Ghats. First radio station and television transmission station of the state were also started here. The events have become more destructive given the increasing vulnerability of population and property. Palakkadan Matta is a trademark rice variety originally cultivated here. All Rights Reserved. Through this column I shall share some of the interesting facts, and a few unknown facts about 14 districts of Kerala. Kasaragod – This district has numerous religious monuments, temples and mosques built on the principles of Kerala Vasthu. 1500 The district also owns Kerala’s single lake temple, Anantapura Lake Temple, which is believed to be the original seat of famous Padmanabha Swamy temple, Thiruvananthapuram. Forty-one of Kerala's forty-four rivers originate in this region, and the Cauvery River descends from there and drains eastwards into neighboring states. As per legends, the name ‘Palakkad’ came into existence during Sangha period, and the name was coined from a local word which means – Unused land. [8], Although the Kerala state does not experience floods as severe as in the Indo-Gangetic plains, incidence of floods in the State is becoming more frequent and severe. The state of Kerala is divided into 14 revenue districts. What’s the significance of Ayurvedic Discipline in Karkidakam Month? Of the fourteen districts, five have much higher rates than others. Ernakulam – The central hub of Kerala, it also includes the biggest commercial city of state, Kochi. Kerala's coast runs some 580 km in length, while the state itself varies between 35–120 km in width. In fact Malayalam calendar, also known as Kollavarsham or Kollam era was started here. People living in absolute poverty [those who cannot afford US $2 a day] will not be able to … Kochi Metro – the first metro station of the state was also introduced here. Kerala High Court and Cochin Stock Exchange are situated here. Some historians believe that it was started in the memory of the establishment of Kollam town, while a few others believe that it was exactly the same year when state capital was changed to Kollam. The name of the district is coined from the name of holy serpent ‘Ananthan’ on which Lord Vishnu resides. [23] December 13, 2019. Eastern Kerala consists of land encroached upon by the Western Ghats; the region thus includes high mountains, gorges, and deep-cut valleys. Kollavarsham was started soon after the renovation of a Siva temple and installing of idol. It’s the biggest women organization of the state, aimed at women empowerment too. Kasragod is also known for several historic forts, deeply linked with Kerala history. Majority of mass movements have occurred in hill slopes >20° along the Western Ghats scarps, the only exception being the coastal cliffs. The availability of all types of transport facilities viz., road, rail, canal, sea is a factor which is unique to this district. Certain peaks may reach to 2500 m. Just west of the mountains lie the midland plains, comprising a swathe of land running along central Kerala. Many of the first Malayalam dailies and magazines have their headquarters in Kottayam. Ernakulam district is bestowed with all the geographical factors which help the development of industries and it is in the forefront of all other districts in Kerala in the field of industry. 12. Studies conducted in the state indicates that prolonged and intense rainfall or more particularly a combination of the two and the resultant persistence and variations of pore pressure are the most important trigger of landslides. 1. State Highway 7 Route information Maintained by Kerala Public Works Department Length 32.8 km (20.4 mi) Major junctions From Thiruvalla To It is also known as Thiruvalla-Pathanamthitta-Kumbazha Highway.This State Highway origins and ends within the Pathanamthitta District.. (Exception is Wayanad district).These 14 districts are further divided into 62… Located at the extreme southern tip of the Indian subcontinent, Kerala lies near the center of the Indian tectonic plate (the Indian Plate); as such most of the state (notwithstanding isolated regions) is subject to comparatively little seismic or volcanic activity. During ancient days, this portion was a dense forest, and criminals were exiled here as punishment. Places like Lucknow, Prayagraj, Sultanpur, Varanasi, Gorakhpur and Banda recorded maximums in higher Losses to telephone communications, networked systems and electrical equipment are also very high. 9. Kerala is one among the smallest states of India, and it has been divided into 14 districts. At the time of formation, Kerala had only five districts: Malabar (part of the erstwhile Madras State ), Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Kottayam and Thrissur (together constituting the erstwhile Travancore-Cochin ). [4], Kerala has been experiencing increasing incidents of drought in the recent past due to the weather anomalies and developmental pressures resulting from the changes in land use, traditional practices, and life style of the people. Your email address will not be published. 41 of them flow westward and 3 eastward. Kerala (38,863 km2; 1.18% of India's landmass) is situated between the Arabian Sea to the west and the Western Ghats to the east. It does not mean that other districts of Kerala are less Vinod Kovoor – Malayalam actor and stand-up comedian best known for TV sitcoms, Marimayam and M80 Moosa, Meera Vasudevan – Indian film actress best known for her lead role in ‘Thanmathra’. Although the tsunami affected parts of Kerala coast, maximum devastation was reported in the low coastal land of Kollam, Alappuzha and Ernakulam districts, particularly a strip of 10 km in Azhikkal, Kollam district. A number of extreme flood events occurred during the last century causing considerable damage to life and property highlight the necessity for proper flood management measures in the State.

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