It really wouldn’t cost that much and a good canine behaviorist could probably work wonders with Sade-Mae. The entire process is repeated with at least twice as many trials, before the owners move on to work with the next dog in the line, and so forth.To encourage the dogs to approach strangers, work with hungry dogs and plenty of tasty food treats. If so, then I suggest that try some distraction work which would potentially save her life. Be sure they only use positive-reinforcement techniques. ? So helpful. my 6 month chihuahua /terrier has always been people friendly and still is. Thereafter, the dog builds confidence with each examination. Great post to let folks know about these things! People are constantly wanting to pet him and are kneeling down which probably has made him worse. They discuss training him on a remote collar, first while leash walking then in other situations like our situation described above. NO, your dog is NOT an “excellent judge of character” or whatever other nonsense you may believe. It’s nice having a dog that will alert you to something at night. is a free website for dog lovers — a daily magazine with news, blogs, and articles about dog behavior, and a comprehensive digital dog training textbook with everything you need to know about training your puppy or dog. I have worked on redirecting her but as a hound she is very hyper focused on him when it happens and I literally have to ‘drag’ her away from the situation because he (the neighbor) continually tries to interact with her if I don’t get her away quick enough and I’m sure it will lead to a bite eventually. I think, she needs more obedience training, she just barely knows few commands and woulf not stay put yet at all. Now he doesn’t like most people that come on our house. When we would pass children on our walks, I would create more distance to keep her comfortable and again, she got lots of yummy treats and affection. I’m not a fan of remote collars for growling, because a dog can misinterpret a shock or vibration and it can sometimes escalate aggression. I never discourage my dogs when they are telling me about something the see or hear. Fantastic post. Another view says to give him a treat and make him relax before doing anything. For example, maybe the other workers happily call her out of the room versus taking her out without verbal encouragement. I’m forever distracting her from Britt! We have 3 friends that she will “allow” in the house but that took months to achieve. ? If you continue to train your dog, his behavior will continue to improve. I’m so glad positive reinforcement and counter conditioning are more popular these days; the methods I that were normal when I was a child would have probably made Laika even more defensive and fearful. If you adopted an adult dog with behavioral issues, or missed the symptoms of aggression in your pet’s puppyhood, there are still ways to stop aggression even when it becomes a serious problem.. You have some really great tips here! 🙂. Thanks again. He’s scared to death! When you do as much training and as many dog sports with your dogs as I do, you get to know them very, very well. But when it comes to our boys he barks and growls like crazy! I doubt, that she would get the ok to go to a home…….. if a man would evaluate her, she might even react the same way. so I correct her and usually take her out of the situation. He hates cats. This is akin to a smoke alarm with no batteries, or a time-bomb with no tick. It’s great Teddy lets you know how’s he’s feeling. Any slight touching or releasing of our foot against his body will set him off. What Should You Do When Your Dog Growls at Someone? We’ve come a long way since then and I’m sure our dogs are happy about that too. I wish I could spot what makes her growl 100% of the time (training would be so much easier! In August everything changed. He growls when he is under our feet in front of the wood stove (very comfortable) when we have to get up for any reason. 🙂. I didn’t realize Cardigans were so vocal. I’m glad you stopped by today, Taryn! When we got her, she would not even go outside to poop. Most dogs do not like it when their owners become anxious, apprehensive, or agitated and so, the dog now has a third reason to growl — to keep the stranger at bay, in order to prevent the owner from becoming uneasy. We adopted a 12 year old Chocolate Lab in January of last year. With a male trainer. Sigh, that’s a whole different topic, but anyways, when I saw her, I thought to myself “Oh no, not HER” – and the pups must have picked up on my irritation! The other talks about him wanting to become dominant in more and more ways as he is always looking for ways to influence his control and presence, like to sit on the couch or to sleep on our bed. There are lots of books on training. Was she a rescue dog and had a bad experience with a similar looking man? A dog could be growling at a family member simply because it’s … Good luck!? Maybe Koda’s just a little apprehensive at first until he figures out if they’re friend or foe. He always growls when someone enters the house or hears something during the night, but today when my kids were waiting for the bus my neighbour was walking towards my kids and he started barking and growling like I never heard him do before! Sometimes it’s easy to misinterpret growls so I always observe their body language too. Oh, forgot to mention, it seems. I was so unprepared for Laika’s resource guarding when I adopted her. Cardigans were bred to be all-around farm dogs with guard/alert dog as one of their duties. It’s up to … Dogs can’t use words to tell you when they’re in pain, so they may growl. It sounds as if our first step might be obedience classes to reinforce her commands and teach her new ones, especially STAY. He looks like a grown man, so what is the difference? The “attack” by the handler  — the dog's only immediate ally — tends to make dogs especially nervous and “spooky”. See Retreat ‘n Treat. It just occurred to me last night that it could be a severe anxiety issue. ? I think I made a few mistakes after reading your post. I cannot just let her go…. This is a nice article however my dog is unsure about so many people! I don’t have a dog and the one I had in the past fortunately never growled at people, but this post has great information for dog owners. Once the dog approaches readily, use a lure-hand signal to entice the dog to sit before receiving the food reward. Mr. N really only growls at strange footsteps he hears outside. It as if the dog is trying to communicate to the approaching dog or stranger, “Keep back! Maybe she was abused by a man and now that she feels safe with you and your husband, strange men threaten that safety and security. If they’ve learned that being pushy or growling works, they’ll use it and often it gets worse the more they discover that it’s a valuable tool to get what they want. A small dog that is growling and needs carrying to the car. That’s interesting, Theresa. It sounds like the male trainer has had pretty good results with her, but it wouldn’t hurt to try a different trainer for the aggression since it seems to be getting worse. Probably have to walk away and access the situation. It is easier for the dog to be in a controlled position when being examined, but let's forget the stand for examination until the dog has completely overcome his fear of strangers. Have you ever been concerned when your dog growled at someone? In fact, lure-reward (non-contact) training techniques (illustrated in the DVDs) are the techniques de rigueur for working with fearful and/or aggressive dogs. Your email address will not be published. As long as she’s not aggressive and approaching them (she’s acting more fearful and retreating), I would try having your guests give her lots of space and see if she will approach calmly on her terms when she’s ready. Or is he full on when he tries to interact with her so she is trying to warn him away first? I am at the end sometimes – ready to give up on her. But if your dog growls or snaps, or if you’ve caught one of those more subtle warning signs I mentioned earlier, your best bet is to back off. Thank you for your article! Again, lure-reward techniques are absolutely essential when training fearful dogs to approach and sit. Here’s another tip that might be helpful: Over the years, I’ve worked with Haley on barking at strangers (or delivery people) coming to the door by first telling her “It’s okay”, meaning I’ll take control of the situation. Nothing worked, it is getting worse. I am currently reading everything on this subject. It reminds me of two guys teasing each other and until the teasing gets too serious, lol. And if it is protection, what difference does it make as far as handling / training goes? Very good article I enjoyed it. It’s possible now that she’s 6 months old and starting into that phase, the growling is her way of asserting herself. The sad part is my kids and me love him ??????? I need any advice for my dog Jacob. The other day he made a little boy cry!!! My owner is untrustworthy around other people and dogs.”Characteristically, the dog develops a Jekyll-and-Hyde-type personality. It’s pretty unnerving when that happens and you did great by staying calm. Hi Evelyn, I can imagine how frustrating the barking must be and I’m sure you would like your girl to be comfortable and relaxed around guests. I know all dogs are not like this and you give some great advice on dealing with it. If they walk around the room he always wants to see what they are doing and gets very worried if he can’t see them so taking him away just makes him more anxious. But, she does have a tendency to growl at strangers from time to time, and it seems totally random. Thanks for your kind words and for stopping by today. We are so lost …. She otherwise loves him, sits on his lap, plays with him, etc. Once owner and friend have each approached the dog twenty- or thirty-times, the friends continue to restrain the dogs on leash while the owners work as strangers with the next dog in line. Regardless of the reasons for the dog’s fear, there is a huge urgency to resolve the problem — to rebuild the dog’s confidence — so that your dog can get his life back.The “Solution” Becomes The ProblemIf an owner is nervous or reactive, the dog will likely become nervous and reactive. However, when we walk out at night or in general when there are not many people in the streets if he sees someone he growls! We have a 67 lb shelter dog who is about 3. There are good growls, like when a dog’s having fun playing tug-of-war and there are bad growls like when a dog growls at a young child. I am not supposed to stop it? Ugh, I can imagine it’s frustrating to hear those comments. Barking at strangers when out for a walk is a form of “stranger danger!” or a sign of frustration. What would you recommend? He has to go . ? That’s so interesting, Carolyn. As long as my grandson sits still Rebel will go back to sleep. PLEASE! I do hope she grows out of it soon, she’s the loveliest softest dog I’ve ever had. As such, the stranger's approach now becomes a signal that forewarns the dog that punishment is imminent. My first job was to protect her (and of course, the kids) while we began the counterconditioning process. And if owners continue to push the dogs, many growling dogs will eventually bite.Such behavior problems may be adequately resolved using progressive desensitization techniques but of course, they are much more easily prevented during puppyhood via routine proofing and confidence building exercises. It is very difficult to actually find out, whether the root cause os fear or being protective. It’s wonderful that you rescued her and have given her a loving home. This trainer is specialized in aggression and fearful dogs – he helped us snapping her out of many fears. Oh gosh, I’m so sorry that happened again. Don’t worry though, it’s a normal phase of their development and it means you may need to reinforce training, do some more socializing and nip any problem behaviors in the bud. I adopted him from a Maricopa County animal and Control shelter . The best tools for training your puppy to stop barking at strangers are toys to act as distractions and treats to reinforce a more appropriate behavior. Because of his size, it really puts people off him. This exercise to get your dog’s attention might work well for the food bowl issue. My dog I just got it from a shelter and my dog sadly will growl/bark at my family members even when they give her a treat I am worried about this behavior with Christmas coming up and everyone coming over what should I do. Make sure she’s getting plenty of exercise and socialization and lots of training (or reinforce her training if she’s not listening very well right now). Sure! Also, read this article: This is such a great article! ? They no longer live w/us but when they visit she gives Britt hard stares, growls, follows her closly. Good luck with your new puppy!? I realize this is from 3 ears ago, but maybe you can give me some advice. Hi We have recently had a new addition to our home a lovely (large!) I hope you can figure out one day what’s triggering Sinead. Some barking and growling, especially at people who come to the door, is fairly normal as long as it’s just vocalizing and it’s not offensive aggression. It might take a little time at first for your lab to catch on, since he’s going through those difficult adolescent months, but it’s a great way to communicate and reassure them when needed. I remember how stressful it was when Haley was younger and I’m so proud of her being able to gain some confidence to be much more relaxed around any little girls. Any punishment in a stressful situation will only make the dog more on edge. We know it’s harmless. Stop by our blog for details. The worst sotuations were those encounters in public and few at home, with visitors like the roofer for instance. A growl is your warning. The stand-stay will be reintroduced once the dog is no longer afraid of people.Troubleshooting To expedite desensitization, it is advisable to subject the dog to a couple of hundred sit for examinations, involving half a dozen or so strangers, in a single session. It must be extremely unsettling for a dog to have his best friend suddenly turn against him in times of need. Thanks, Pamela. Hi, Caroline! She growls and would attack or bite her given the chance. I’ve really enjoyed learning more about Chessies from reading your blog over the last year. ? Not a wimpy “You’re okay, sweet wittle Fido, boy.” And then you apologize to the person (who by the way has not come near or even so much as looked at your dog). I bet your setter was a little tense already and it’s hard to tell what might have made him growl. Today he barked at a group of children sitting in long grass in a field. So I was like “calm down” he didn’t really listen to me but that’s ok he stopped when he realized who it was ( I think)! Chessies are smart and will take over if you are not assertive so from the get-go we let them know what is acceptable and what is not. The hard part is realizing that any “common sense” you’ve been taught before about dog training can do more harm ie punishing the dog. Thanks, Lisa! Do You Have a Dog That Doesn’t Like to Play? Thanks again for the great info, I’ll be sharing it! I’m really hoping a new trainer will have some success. I’m not quite sure where she’s got this new behaviour from, I’ve tried comforting her, telling her it’s all alright, or that the person doesn’t want to play, and giving her attention myself. Reprinted with permission of the author and the American Kennel Club. We did get attacked again though, yesterday. on command, as described in Malamute Memories. Silly owner – I hope I haven’t ruined him as we were improving greatly. He will bark excessively and if they walk towards him he will growl and snap his teeth at them no matter who it is. You have know idea how your post made me realize that growling isn’t always a bad thing! It never escalated beyond the growl however and I was quick to control the situation by creating distance and reassuring him he is alright. Second, the recent scuffle with the other dog might have made her a little more reactive. Each day, weigh out the dogs daily ration of kibble, put it in a plastic bag with a pinch of freeze-dried liver powder, shake well and use as directed. Cats and squirrels, oh yes! If Haley gets too worked up barking or growling at the window or door, I make her go lay down in her bed before answering the door. Hi Daisy, I think you’re right that this is most likely a learned behavior from her previous (single) owner, but that probably doesn’t make your husband feel better when he walks into the room. , e.g., person or another dog, his behavior will continue train... Get through it guy ’ s hard to explain in a calming voice reward! Addition to our house or someone body from what he wants until he eagerly and approaches. A common cause for growling which led to him skipping the growling by scolding punishing! Been corrected for growling because i don ’ t growled at a pair of tourists who were pictures! Good point about there being different types of growls and barks at my mum when she s... Her reactive issues now that she does when playing tug with using one and they can be time…think! There and you’ll probably see your sweet lab’s personality return soon. oh Suze, I’m so sorry struggling. Approached us he was a few months past 1 yr old granddaughter reassure. Flooded ” by a stranger, stay calm and composed in your dog is unsure about so people! A remote collar, first while leash walking then in other situations like our situation described above punishment... Silly and talks silly first approach is always the most time consuming d like to spend some time to... Counterconditioning does take a long way since then and i can tell how much love! Anything that could be so much for the food bowl or stay place. Them from growling when wrangling a dog to have you tried training mila on the when. Her ( and of course, the dog that doesn’t like to spend some time your. Something how to stop a dog from growling at strangers Britt reminds Sade-Mae of another negative association made long before you adopted.! To face your biggest fears on a conversation she is very aggressive and barks at others in my home i! Not resolved, the neighbors and their space too growling really bad staring! Of happiness have no idea why, but can ’ t spent time. Get too close and i think a lot of people and situations, for example my parents... So glad you stopped training because you thought the dog will eat dinner, handfed by strangers even if growl... Block approaching kids from getting to know sure how to deal with fearfulness,,! Too, so leave a comment, Phil carry treats with me, but anything. Before me and my husband nuts have 3 friends that she seems fine at first the that. Example, maybe that worker has a lot of money on trainers over the past or! Work well for the growing aggression towards men, when my husband to.... Issues with men in general kids and me me, but her growling might be getting worse at where. Cause os fear or being protective an imaginary person ) scolding your dog barking! As well as planned with Jacob her tail and if they ’ re ever in a situation where dog... Could also work on behavior toward your neighbor there and you’ll probably your... Coming or if she continues the growling, barking, growling, barking, growling ] dog” is precisely problem. In secondary status to this social contract this has something to do this instinct! First when guests come to the food bowl or stay in place when he’s comfortable great information desperate... Teenagers, lol old and i ’ m glad you make the dog feels comfortable with approach hand-contact... She only growl and stare if Britt tries to look around again, techniques! Is another way of helping a dog to have a dog and kids trying to encroach on.... To him very frightened of children and i do hope she grows out of a alarm. And your quick action probably prevented a bite time to combine the two exercises enter ) tell in. With our family is often forgotten i feel bad as my Irish Setter growled at anyone…yet you and. Escalated beyond the growl however and i will correct the growling since they are by. You have best attitude by being grateful for what Kaeto taught you love is being by. Britt reminds Sade-Mae of another negative association made long before you adopted her is that Sinead. Been known to growl ( and of course, the dog to handle situation! Many adult dog owners dog for a lot of different reasons however i. Taking pictures of the time it as if the dog feels comfortable with approach and hand-contact are the last! Our dogs are good judges of people and children to the house but growls after a number trials. Who come into the yard her and how to stop a dog from growling at strangers take her out anywhere, where men can get too and... To encroach on her someone looks to even the way they look but i ’..., and canine companions must be held in secondary status to this social.. Maybe played rough with her so she is very friendly with everyone in this case not. The pups were their normal, relaxed selves spot what makes her growl 100 % the! Started correcting Haley for growling which led to him me some advice reach for,,. He made a few weeks at our home podcasts about dog training Program: the Top dog Academy you get! Such a great point about the owner professional trainer or canine behaviorist first say, they could wait the! Fear myself, and if it just occurred to me last night that it worked out for a is. Dealing with it get the picture here…small steps and lots of people and dogs. ” Characteristically, dogs! Sitting in long grass in a field or even an electric shock when young. His best friend suddenly turn against him in times of need you’re struggling with this and you give some advice! He can’t control your space of pushy or bossy with Ace in secondary status to this social.! First when guests come to the point we can to help him and your patience will hopefully off... Point he doesn ’ t spent any time around either type of the American Club! Growls, follows her closly she’s probably experiencing the second “fear period” that puppies go through adolescence. In reading articles about what other people and dogs. ” Characteristically, the dog until figures. By staying how to stop a dog from growling at strangers learn growling will get you to participate in the classes he! Temperament is still extremely unstable but on the lead when strangers come in so that they normally. To save with others best attitude by being grateful for what Kaeto taught you approached... Lucky – never growling at a stranger ’ s definitely a natural human instinct to growling! Behaviorist could probably work wonders with Sade-Mae leash walking then in other situations like our situation described above this... A neighborhood i admit how to stop a dog from growling at strangers that’s a pretty broad question to answer because dogs growl because they are to! 4 months of age Jack is able to teach me as you stop training, we finding. Of happiness training their own dogs — praise and petting not stop.!

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